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Adoption Requirements

The MICHIGAN GREYHOUND CONNECTION is committed to finding the best possible homes for our greyhounds. The fact is that a greyhound is not for everyone and will not fit into everyone's lifestyle. As you will see, we are fairly strict in our adoption policies. I'm sure you understand that we want only the best for our dogs and for their adoptive families. We have a lot of experience in placing greyhounds and feel that our requirements will help ensure that both greyhound and family will be happy.

Our adoption procedure begins when you submit a completed application, either online or via U.S. mail. Upon receipt of your completed application, we will contact you by phone for a formal interview. All approved applicants will be matched with a greyhound BEFORE the dog is transported to Michigan. The formal adoption will occur when you come to pick up your dog.

Listed below are our basic rules that may help you decide if a greyhound is right for you.
  1. All greyhounds must be kept on a leash when outside of a fenced area.
  2. A fenced yard is required for all adopted greyhounds. Rare exceptions to this rule may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Greyhounds are sight hounds and have been bred and trained to chase anything that moves quickly. Therefore, if you do not have a fenced yard, you must be willing to take the dog outside on a leash. WHENEVER the dog needs to go out-this includes 3:00 am when it's snowing outside and you have the flu!! Tethering or chaining the dog is not allowed as the dog could seriously injure himself should he see something to chase.
  3. All new families will be required to get a crate (cage) for their new greyhound. This will help greatly in assuring a smooth transition from track life to home life. Crates can be obtained from most pet stores or we can tell you how to order one. The minimum crate dimensions should be 24'' W x 42'' D x 28''H.
  4. All greyhounds MUST be house dogs. These dogs are not to be left outside for long periods of time or kept in a kennel.
  5. The MICHIGAN GREYHOUND CONNECTION does not place dogs in homes with children under 6 years of age. The rationale for this guideline comes from past experience. We have found that children are very demanding of a dog's attention. We have also found that we cannot count on parents to let the dog have time away from the child and to monitor the child's behavior with the dog. The greyhound is as tolerant, if not more tolerant, of children than other breeds. But, as we are responsible for the dog's safety and happiness, and are equally concerned with the well-being of the child, we feel this rule is necessary.
Currently a donation of $250.00 is required to adopt. This donation is used to cover the medical care that your dog receives before the adoption. All dogs adopted through the MICHIGAN GREYHOUND CONNECTION have been spayed or neutered. Also their teeth have been cleaned, all vaccinations have been given, and the greyhound has been checked for heartworm. A rabies certificate will accompany your new greyhound. All new adoptive families are required to put their dogs on heartworm preventative per their veterinarian's recommendations. Also, you should have your dog checked for internal parasites (tapeworm, hookworm, etc.) as these are very common among track dogs. They are easily and inexpensively treated.