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Available Dogs

We do not list all of our available greyhounds on our website. This page includes a rotating sample of just a few of our available greyhounds. We do not guarantee that these dogs will still be available for adoption. If you are interested in any of our greyhounds, visit our ADOPTION INFO/APPLICATION page to begin the application process.

We are always in need of foster homes. If you are interested in fostering a greyhound, contact Susan Bilsky by email or call 1-800-398-4DOG for more information.

• Male
• 8 years old

I am an eight year old laid-back, mellow boy. I love going for walks, car rides, playing with toys and running in the yard. I am interested in everything around me.

I get along with cats and dogs both large and small. I am housebroken. I am a bit nervous walking on shiny, slippery looking floors but I am getting used to them. My foster mom is helping me realize that they are okay to walk on. I have absolutely loved everyone I have met.

Will you be the one to give me my forever home?

• Female
• 2 years old

I am a light-hearted and good-natured girl. I am energetic. I am very friendly. My foster parents say that I am a real sweetheart and very easy going. I love to play with toys. I throw them up in the air and catch them. I am very playful. I love to run in the yard.

I have not mastered the stairs yet but we are working on doing the stairs. I am housebroken and I do not mind being in my crate. I get along with the greyhound and two standard poodles in my foster home. I have not met any small dogs or cats yet but my foster parents will be working on that in the next couple of days.

• Male
• 3 years old

I am an outgoing, sociable, quiet and easy-dog. I am a friendly boy. I have already learned how to use the doggie door and I mastered the stairs right away. I absolutely love to play with toys. I am housebroken and I do not mind being in my crate.

I get along perfect with the other greyhounds in my foster home. I have not met any small dogs yet but my foster dad is working on finding some for me to meet. I have seen cats outside on our walks. I am interested in them but I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t mind living with one but I may need a little bit of work. My foster dad says I am already getting better at ignoring them on our daily walks. I have met many different people on our walks. I absolutely love meeting them and getting some good pets.

• Male
• 4 years old

I am very interested in everything. I am a greyhound and YES I can sit. When I sleep, I put all four legs in the air and sleep on my back. My foster parents think it is so funny.

I am alert to and interested in everything. I am a good boy and do not beg during meals. My foster parents say I am an excellent dog and someone will be very lucky to get me.

I will walk up to you to be petted. My foster parents have taught me to “wait” before I go in or out the door and same with getting in and out of the car. I love to go for rides in the car. I will go up and down the four steps outside. I love to be brushed. I am housebroken and do not mind being in my crate. I will even go in there to take naps. I do great with dogs my own size but no small dogs or kitties for me please.

• Male
• 3 years old

Well, I don't mean to brag but I just might be the most perfect greyhound. I have not had one accident in my foster home, I don't whine in my crate, I'm great on leash, I love my toys and I love cuddles!

So far, I respect the couch, I'm not afraid of storms and I sleep out of my crate at night and behave the whole night! I seem to like small dogs and I like to play with kitties but sometimes they tell me I'm too much for them. I'm not trying to be!!

Don't be fooled by the name--I'm a real sweetheart!

• Female
• 4 years old

I am THE snuggle cuddle girl! My foster mom says I am very smart and she's happy that I'm housebroken. I love all people and wag my tail and go to everyone to be petted.

I love my Greyhound “brother” that lives at my foster home. I have only seen a small dog through the fence but I wagged my tail and I think I could be friends with a small dog. I have not had a chance to meet any kitties yet so I am not sure about them. I mastered going up and down the stairs my very first day. I love to take the toys out of the toy box one at a time.

I am learning how to walk nice on the leash--practice makes perfect! Want to be my teacher??

• Female
• 3 years old

I am a girl who loves to be petted and will come when encouraged. Those kissy sounds are so funny! I sure hope I get a better name soon! I am a little shy but I'm feeling more confident in myself everyday.

I can go up and down the stairs and am learning to play with toys. I get along perfectly with dogs my own size but I think I might like to chase the kitties so I'll stay away from them. I'm doing great at going potty outside as long as you get me first thing in the morning!

Can I be yours, forever?